Now it is official! New, world-class professional incontinency policy – first in Hungary

  We are proud to announce a professional success on the scope of incontinency care.

As the result of the devoted work of colleagues from several college branches and professional organizations such as MKONT (Hungarian Continence Association), Geriatric and Chronic Care Division; Rehabilitation; Nursing Division and Ministry of Human Capacities, in the LXVI year 6th copy of the Healthcare Gazette a new, world-class professional policy – about the urine incontinency of no neurogenic origins for those of adult age – was published. This policy also influences a variety of people from professional workgroups, such as: colleagues working in social care, inpatient care/home care, professional care; in hospitals (chronic/rehabilitation wards) and colleagues from pharmacies or of those employees form specialized stores of therapeutic aid as well.

Goal of the policy


The cost-efficient incontinency care – as mentioned first in the policy


Improve the quality of medical services and examinations


Help and secure the work of those professionals working in medical care



The policy states the following:

„As from the point of view of the symptomatic treatment for the adequate quality of life, it has significant importance to choose the equipment with the proper absorbing capability, size and type – meeting the everyday needs of the patient.”

Goal of the policy


Defines the incontinency care through holistic method:
prevention >> diagnosis >> therapy >> rehabilitation >> care


„ Those affected with incontinency have significant psychic and financial burden for the patients themselves, their living places and the society as well.”


This state limits the person’s most basic social activities and results in a worsening quality of life.




Please use this new professional policy, improve the patient’s quality of life. With the care of the personalized products you can contribute to the cost-efficient incontinency care.

Download the whole policy via the following link

For reading the recommendation of the Hungarian Continence Association click here

Budapest, 2016. szeptember 23.